Special Needs Trust 特殊需要

A Special Needs Trust is a type of irrevocable trust set up specifically for disabled children.  This protects and ensures that the disabled child will not be ineligible for needs-based governmental benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medi-Cal after receipt of an inheritance.  This is due to the trust sheltering the disabled beneficiary’s assets from general use that the needs-based benefits already cover.  The assets in the trust are technically not under the control of the disabled beneficiary and thus do not count towards the beneficiary’s available resources, thereby allowing the disabled beneficiary to continue qualifying for needs-based governmental benefits even after inheriting assets that normally would disqualify the disabled beneficiary.

Special Needs Trus 特別需要一個信託基金,是專門為殘疾兒童設立的不可撤銷信託的類型。這保護,並確保殘疾兒童,不會是不合格的需求為基礎的政府福利如補充保障收入(SSI)和後收到的繼承的Medi-Cal。這是由於信任掩護,從一般的使用需求為基礎的福利已經涵蓋殘疾人受益的資產。在信託的資產是在技術上沒有殘疾受益人的控制和因此我不指望對受益人的可用資源,以便的殘疾受益人要繼續即使繼承資產,通常會資格殘疾人需求為基礎的政府福利的資格受益人。

To set up a special needs trust or find out more information you can either consult a professional attorney or books specifically written on the topic.