Regional Center 區域服務中心

People with disabilities in California have a right to services that help them live independent, normal lives. In order to provide these services, the California Department of Developmental Services contract with non-profit corporations called Regional Centers. The purpose of Regional Centers is to provide state services and support to people with disabilities living within a specific local area. In order to be eligible, the local regional center will test, diagnose and assess the potential client. Once established as qualified, the client will then be assigned a case manager/service coordinator whom he/she will go to for information and assistance in finding and obtaining desired services.

Commonly Provided Services Include:



  • Individual Program Planning (IPP) 個人項目計劃(IPP)
  • Individual Education Planning (IEP) 個別教育計劃(IEP)
  • Respite Care 喘息服務
  • Behavioral Intervention 行為干預
  • In-Home Support Services (IHSS) 在家庭支援服務(IHSS的)

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Local Regional Centers:


Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (Eastern LA county including Alhambra and Whittier) –

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional (Eastern LA county including El Monte, Monrovia, Pomona and Glendora) – 東洛杉磯區域中心(香格里拉縣東部,包括阿罕布拉市和惠蒂爾)

Regional Center of Orange County – 奧蘭治縣的區域中心

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center – 弗蘭克D. Lanterman區域中心

More locations: 更多地點