2013 1/4 FFDY Saturday Afternoon Classes, New Program Presentation, Disneyland Tickets

Hi, Members & Parents:

Happy New Year!

FFDY is going to start our classes this Saturday on 1/4 from 2 pm-5 pm. We will also be distributing Disneyland tickets after the program presentation (see below for schedule). The class schedule is as follows.

1:45 Angel Sign In
2:00 Music Class (Esther)
3:00. Art Class (Susan)
3:40 Drum Class (David)
4:30 Reading & Writing Interview (one by one -Lily)
4:30 Life Skill Training (Journal—Volunteer)
5:00 Snack Time
5:30 Clean Up (Angel & Volunteer)

For Parents & Volunteer Leaders:
2:15 FFDY President Speech-Mark
2:20 Volunteer Supervisor-Ben
2:30 2014 All New Program Planning-Sam
2:35 2014 All New Art Class (馬上有錢- Susan)
2:50 Pick Up Disneyland Tickets & Pay $50 Member fees-Jane

If you have any questions, please ask Jane!

We have calendars and small gift to members.

2014-class schedule Jan-July


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