Art Class

We help our angels discover the beauty around them by using skill-tailored tools such as large crayons, oil pastels, and watercolor and acrylic paints on mediums including paper, T-shirts and canvas. We strive to better develop our angels’ senses of observation and engagement, which improves their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and ability to express their thoughts and feelings.
Our first goal is to help them develop their basic skills in creating lines and shapes, and in choosing colors. Most important, we want to inspire their imagination and joy of painting.

Next, we stimulate their ability to express their feelings and thoughts. Art is a form of communication, and we want to stimulate each angel’s potential.

Finally, we hope to inspire each angel to create works, such as cards, bookmarks and paintings, that can be offered for sale – showing them that they can create things of tangible value. We see artwork as a way to tap their creativity and inspire their confidence.

Music Class

By focusing on percussion instruments, we enhance of our angels’ rhythm, focus and coordination. Furthermore, the class often features singing and dancing, which are great ways to develop and increase audio, verbal, motor and social interaction skills.

Taekwondo Class

Our teachers observe the natural abilities of each disabled child and concentrate on fostering his/her skills from there. The lessons, done through various exercises and obstacle courses, are designed to hone balance, coordination and focus, as well as to help strengthen muscles in those who are physically weaker. With enough time, encouragement and care, each angel will be able to gradually develop his/her abilities.

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Adult Class

In addition to offering classes and fun activities for our angels, FFDY offers provides opportunities for adults that are both fun and educational: dance, flower arrangement, healthy cooking, water and energy saving tips, first aid and CPR, to name a few. We are committed to serving entire families.