Did you know you can actually help FFDY by satisfying your online shopping needs? Simply sign up and shop through the FFDY portal on Market America. Your purchases will help accumulate points and thus money to go towards FFDY. Best of all, you can earn cashback for yourself while helping out our organization. The portal encompasses over 3500 stores ranging from clothing to travel with some stores offering up to 50% cashback for your purchases.

List of Some Included Popular Stores (% Cashback):

-Old Navy (2%)
-Home Depot (3%) (3%)
-Gamestop (2%)
-Gap (2%)
-Reebok (7%) (6%) (4%)
-24 Hour Fitness (4%)
-Calvin Klein (3%)
-Nike (2%)
-Macy’s (3%) (20%) (2%) (2%) (20%)

Sign Up Steps

For Ralphs Grocery Store
Please register online at or or by using the scanbar letter at the register – using our organization name: Foundation for Disabled Youths.

• Individual purchases will begin counting towards your organization within 72 hours of registering the individual rewards Cards on-line.

• Every time a member shops for groceries and swipes their card, your organization automatically starts earning a rebate.

• If you do not have access to the online sign-up method, please call 1-800-443-4438 (Ralphs Help) to learn about the alternative sign-up method.